Why Choose Us

The Business Jet Upset Recovery App for iPad is meant for individual use, or can be purchased through a volume agreement with significant discounts. If you are a flight department, here’s what you get:

      • Your logo and colours, which can be applied throughout the App
      • Up to two customized modules, providing additional guidance to users
      • Ability to record the progress and scores of your users. Note that, for privacy purposes, we can also enable pilots to disable the feedback function through the App settings (if you wish).
      • Language modifications

Customization for Your Flight Department
Each corporate flight department may have an individual look and feel, and corporate policy on its own software. Because the iPad App has been developed through a content management system, we are easily able to modify and tailor the application to your taste. It can be as easy as inserting your company logo on each page, to a recreation of the look and feel of your airline.
Custom Modules
There may be learning elements that are of specific value to your airline, such as unique simulator exercises or additional reading materials.