Easy Navigation

From the always-accessible home page, find your place and your progress through the content. Tracker bars indicate how far you have progressed through each module. Exam status and scores are also displayed on the home page.

A pull-down menu also rapidly brings you to the module or page of your choice.

Optimize learning during your busy schedule.

Clear Graphics

Difficult concepts become a lot easier with powerful, modern graphics. Each image has been carefully selected and detailed to give you an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

Real-World Data

Since the introduction of the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid in 1998, LOC-I has continued to impact the aviation community. From the accidents and incidents, we also continue to learn the causes and how to prevent these accidents. This App provides enhancements to the basic knowledge through Real-World Data, available through a single icon on each page, where relevant recent data are available.

Audio Summary

Each page has a short audio track, highlighting the main message of that page.

Instructional Videos

Throughout the App, 15 instructional videos guide you through some of the concepts that benefit from animations or classroom instruction.

Streaming Content

In addition to the full instruction in the App, the user can instantly access dozens of videos and resources related to upset prevention and recovery. These include accident investigation videos, cockpit data recorder reproductions, and instructional material.