Please review these Frequently Asked Questions. We have found that more than 98% of the questions we receive are addressed below.


Why does the app take longer than most other apps to download?
  • This app is designed to work offline so the file is larger than data-connection based apps due to video, images and animations being placed OnBoard the iPad.
The app stopped downloading and says it can't be downloaded. What do I do?
  • Ensure you have a solid and uninterrupted WIFI connection.
  • Remove the failed app icon and start again from ‘purchased’ in the App Store.
  • The App will not download without a WIFI connection due to the large file size to support web-disconnected / offline functionality.



I can't log in. What do I do?
  • Confirm your username and password.
  • Be sure the iPad is not automatically capitalizing the first letter inappropriately.
  • Please try again. This is usually because the user is making an input error.
I am trying to log in but the App hangs up at the login page with the rotating apple circle. What do I do?
  • Confirm you have a good internet connection by opening a Safari window and navigating to a new page.
  • If Safari is navigating, then try to log in again.
I've forgotten my password. What do I do?



The guest account doesn't track my progress. Why?
  • It’s not supposed to. Please read the conditions when logging in to the guest account
  • Log into your personalized account by using your correct username and password to ensure your progress is being tracked
The app saved some of my progress but not all of it. Why?
  • The app only saves progress every 20 seconds. Wait twenty seconds after any progress you’ve made before closing the app.
I found a blank page when using the app. Why?
  • Try to either swipe forward or back or click next or back. That should replenish the buffer and fill the page
  • If not, let us know by submitting feedback using the feedback icon in the footer. Please include module, chapter and page info.



I left feedback from within the App. Does anyone ever review this?
  • This gets reviewed regularly and helps us to improve the product. Your inputs are greatly appreciated.
I want to use the App I purchased on another iTunes account. Can I do that?
  • The short answer is likely ‘no’ unless you buy another app from your other iTunes account, or you register more than one iTunes account on the same device.
  • The bottom-line is that this is an issue to take up with iTunes not the App developer.
What is the difference between the App 'Upset Recovery Training' and 'Business Jet Upset Recovery Training'?
  • The only difference is the graphics. Other than that, both Apps are identical and both can be customized to your flight department or airline if you wish to pursue a custom development at an extra fee. Keep in mind, the upset recovery Apps are already powerful tools without any customization.
  • The Business Jet Upset Recovery Training App was developed from the Upset Recovery Training App based on expressed preferences from business jet operators to show ‘business jet’ images within the course, not just ‘transport category airliner’ pictures. We were happy to accommodate the request if it improves the use of the App and air safety.
How do I use my promo code to download the app?

From your iPad.

  • open up the “App Store” app
  • click the “Featured” Tab
  • scroll to the bottom
  • click on the “Redeem” button
  • you may be prompted for your iTunes password
  • tap the option to redeem the code manually
  • type the type in or copy/paste in the provided promo code
  • tap “Redeem” in the upper right
  • this should start a download



Who do I call for technical support?
  • Support for this app is online only. Most issues are solved by the FAQs above. If you still have an issue after reviewing the FAQs, please fill our our contact form by clicking here. We endeavor to respond to all issues within 2 business days.
  • APS staff members are not qualified to provide technical support to the App. They have been instructed to send users to this website for online support by qualified App experts.

Still Can’t Find a Solution?

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