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Upset Recovery Training
App for Airline Pilots

Solving the #1 cause of commercial airline fatalities

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NEW! Business Jet Upset Recovery Training App

Completely renewed and adapted to business jet pilots

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Beautiful Learning Experience

If you want to master the knowledge related to preventing airplane upsets, this App will guide you, step-by-step, in mastering the essentials.

Follow Your Progress

With progress tracking, you can be sure that the App guides you through the important learning elements in eight specific modules during your busy daily schedule.

Become a Master

After each module, test your knowledge with a short quiz. Gain confidence by reviewing the material. You will feel a master once you have used this App.


“Understanding the aerodynamic concepts of stall and upsets are the linchpin of prevention; leveraging the capability of tablets allows the presentation of these concepts in a dynamic format that engages and equips pilots with the knowledge critical for upset prevention…this application has it all!”
Captain Bryan Burks, Alaskan Airlines
“The Upset Recovery iPad App is built for YOUR aviation safety! Loaded with easy-to-follow instruction and interactive exams, you will become a master at preventing airplane upsets.”
“Aviation is the safest mode of transport, and this industry has matured to its highest level of safety yet. However, if an accident were to occur, it is most likely to fall under the category of Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I).”
Randall Brooks, APS Training

iPad App features Include

      • Full web-disconnected content for all modules
      • Streaming Videos Module (requires internet) with learning videos on incidents
      • Modular design making step-by-step learning easy
      • Progress tracking and exam scores on main page
      • Detailed help functions
      • Background resources on the main content



The Upset Recovery App targets Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) head on. There is no single reason for LOC-I, including the environment, the pilot, and the airplane systems. Pilots must have the necessary knowledge to recognize, avoid and recover from an upset. It is a fact, however, that knowledgeable pilots have the skills to apply basic recovery techniques and return an upset airplane to normal flight. The App provides you with:

      • Knowledge on aerodynamics pertaining to upsets
      • Knowledge on the causes of upsets external to the airplane, including high-altitude flight
      • Recovery techniques to enhance practical skills